The lighting in the 3D model viewer will not cast shadows. This is to let you view the raw model as it was originally built. There is however some ambient lighting visible as the model is rotated. Having no shadows lets you see any light faking, details or texture emphasis that has been added before lighting effects are applied within a 3D editor or game.

3D Viewer


Mouse or Finger Control

Auto-rotate: Left click/tap to stop/start.
Drag: Left click and hold/drag finger.

Orbit: Left-mouse/one-finger.
Zoom: Middle-mouse/two-fingers.
Pan: Right-mouse/three-fingers.


Using the Buttons

To the top left of the 3D Viewer are a set of buttons that you can left click or tap to control the view point of the model.

   The  Reset button returns the model to it’s initial position, size and view point.

The Auto-rotate button will start/stop the model rotating in an anti-clockwise direction when viewed from the top.

The Zoom buttons will move you closer to the model or further away.

The Full-screen button will open the model up to the entire screen size. Use the key to exit the full-screen mode.

1) The model will respond differently to your control when it is rotating compared to stopped.
2) Not all buttons will be available for some models.