Energy from Voxelated Suns

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SOFTWARE :  MagicaVoxel by @ephtracy

SCALE :  32 voxels per metre
                or 3.2 feet.

Master Sgt. Rail

Master Sergeant (call-sign) “Rail”, of Armored Mecha Group is on secondment to “Eagle Force”.

His “Armored” background is still apparent from the adaptive armor plates colloquially known as “AB” (or “Arm Boards”) which are visible along the length of his arms.

These are flexible on a micro-scale to allow for fluid movement of the wearer but can stiffen in an instant for protection. They are micro-powered to provide added physical strength, along with active elements which can expand into predefined shapes to provide shielding from ballistic ordinance and laser/particle weapons and, to allow the wearer to grapple/hook onto various surfaces. 

These AB are secured to the wearers arms, directly into his skeletal and nervous systems at various mounting points to provide direct feedback and quick reaction times.

Even with this enhancement, the wearers reaction time is still limited by the transmission speed of the nervous system, which measures approximately 0.4 seconds before responding. The AB wearers overall maximum strength is limited by the human skeletal system and it’s enhancements.

All feedback would be appreciated.