Energy from Voxelated Suns

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SOFTWARE :  MagicaVoxel by @ephtracy

SCALE :  32 voxels per metre
                or 3.2 feet.

Lt. Col. Eagle

The Lt. Col. (call-sign) “Eagle”, of Eagle Force Mecha.

Commands “Eagle Force” and is responsible for all matters concerning it’s management and deployment.

By this age he should have been a general, but his tendency towards being undiplomatic has held back his career, which suits him fine. He is a man that tells it how it is and can’t stand fools; not good traits when dealing with politicians or upper brass.

He was chosen for Eagle Force because of his outstanding combat career, ability to think outside the box and, his ability to motivate others.

He is a perfect match for managing this new, currently small, “Specials” Mecha Force which has been drawn from disparate units and organisations in order to meet the new threat on the horizon.

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