Energy from Voxelated Suns

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SOFTWARE :  MagicaVoxel by @ephtracy

SCALE :  32 voxels per metre
                or 3.2 feet.

Captain Loadout

Captain (call-sign) “Loadout”, of Eagle Force Mecha.

Responsible for planning, coordinating, directing and participating in Eagle Force operations. He has several duties, including training, resource management, mission and logistics planning, and working with other government agencies.

He was chosen for Eagle Force because of his above average scores in tactics and planning and his two combat tours against the AI (Artificial Intelligence’s) Rebellion back in the 80’s.

His natural tactical ability when combined with the latest tactical A.I. implants gives him an awesome advantage in combat.

Don’t let his diminutive size fool you either. He is equipped with powered (internal) endo-units attached to his limbs and special mounting points. The give away is the use of external LT’s (or “Limb Tubes”) along his arms and legs to support the added strength gained from his artificial muscles.

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